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Spread this. Share this. Do this. Yes.

Reblogging because…..yes. Do this.

Important, but this has been around since lord knows when. I’ve used the password before like 13 years ago

Yeah, guess it depends on where you live because I (as well as others) have never heard of this. Glad some people knew about it though. :)

People dont know how important this is. I was part of the daycare where I lived and we started this. Mom had to tell child and teacher a password every morning. One time a farther came to pick up a child and didnt know the password. The daycare would not let him take the child because they stuck to the parents wishes. Turns out the farther had just come from the mothers home beating her and was trying to kidnap his child to spite her

I taught at a safty camp for 5 year old and each child got a partner and we practiced this daily when the child came to pick them up.

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