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10 Condescending Things Christians Do

1: I’m praying for you
Saying this requires a certain air of arrogance. It’s almost as if the person saying this, believes an atheist is this “poor little creature” that can’t think normal and needs to be saved. As if they’ve completely lost their minds and are condemned. It’s because of this that many atheists take offense by this. Saying ‘I will pray for you’ to an atheist is like saying: ‘I will think for you’ to a creationist.

2: Eventually, God will reveal himself to you
A typical example of Christians not realizing there is the possibility they are wrong. They act like atheism is this unreasonable belief that makes no sense at all. It’s also a way of saying that atheism is “a phase”, like puberty, and that it will pass. What’s basically being said, is that you will eventually realize you are wrong.

3: You must not have been a true Christian
A phrase commonly used against former religious people and - in this case - specifically ex-Christians. It is a judgmental thing to say this, since you don’t know the person you say this to. You don’t know what they have been through and how devoted they used to be. You blame the lack of belief on the “flaw” of a person, rather than the fact that the belief is irrational and the person rational.

4: One day, you’ll know the truth!
I find this to be similar to #2 because what’s basically is being said, is that you are wrong. You lack understanding or experience, and because of your own shortcoming you lack faith. But one day, you will see the error in your ways. To me, it is like you’d tell a gay person: ‘One day you will see why it’s wrong what you do’.

5: You can’t have morals without God
This is straight out offensive to humanity. What it is saying, is that people are bad if they don’t believe in God. According to that logic, Finland would be a terrible place - knowing that at least 70% of their population is not religious. Some Christians go as far as claiming that you can’t have morals without the Christian God specifically. This would condemn a lot of cultures and countries worldwide. Morals are a product of nature and society, and morals pop up everywhere - even at places where Christianity doesn’t. Morals are tools that allow us to live our lives in harmony. Without morals, humanity wouldn’t have made it this far. It’s absolutely stupid to think people would go on killing sprees without God.

6: God Still Loves You
Many Christians claim an atheist chooses to live a Godless life. They don’t seem to grasp the fact that atheism is the lack of a belief in a God. To me, saying this sounds very silly since “loving me” requires existence, and God doesn’t exist. People who say this, make you look like this immoral person who got off the right track by losing his/her faith, and who should be grateful because God hasn’t given up on them yet.

7: You deny God, because you want to sin
This is stupid, because an atheist doesn’t believe in God. Therefor an atheist doesn’t think Biblical sin exists or that there’s a God who will hold you accountable. It’s also stupid because, even if this would be true, the logic fails. It is like saying: ‘You deny the cops, because you want to commit crimes’. Like denying something that you know exists is going to save you from punishment.

8: The fool says in his heart, there is no God
 Why do people use the Bible to claim God exists? The Bible is no evidence, it is the claim. The fact that the Bible claims something does not mean the Bible is right. Many atheists find this particular Biblical quote offensive, because it implies non-religious people are fools. 

9: You are just going through a stage
This is in many ways condescending. The person who says this, questions your rational thinking abilities. They consider your view on religion is so ridiculous, that a sane person like you cannot actually believe in it. They assume it is a stage, because something as silly as “atheism” can never survive long. It’s the same ridiculous argument that is being used against homosexuals.

10: You are being fooled by the devil
 Your view on religion cannot possibly be based on anything rational. You have to be mentally compensated or even POSSESSED to believe in the stuff you do. Some Christians think the devil is behind your skepticism, and will feel sorry for your lack of faith. Maybe they’ll even grow scared of you, or tell you that you need help. 

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